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December 17, 2015 (STOPP) — At the end of each year, American Life League’s STOPP International program does a survey of all the Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States. The purpose of the survey is to determine how many centers Planned Parenthood operates and how many of these centers commit either surgical or medication (abortion pill) abortions.

This year’s survey has just been completed and a detailed report will be issued in January 2016. But the findings are so significant that we want to bring the summary data to you immediately. In the calendar year 2015:

  • Total Planned Parenthood centers went DOWN from 668 to 645.
  • Total Planned Parenthood centers that commit abortions went UP from 337 to 353
  • Planned Parenthood centers that commit surgical abortions went DOWN from 173 to 166.
  • Planned Parenthood centers that commit medication abortions (but not surgical abortions) went UP from 164 to 187.

The growth of medication-only abortion centers in the United States has been driven almost exclusively by Planned Parenthood. It currently operates 90 percent of all such centers in the country. This year’s growth of 23 medication-only abortion centers is the largest one-year increase since 2010. More significantly, in 2015, for the first time in the organization’s history, the number of medication-only abortion centers is larger than its number of surgical abortion centers.

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The numbers show that Planned Parenthood still operates the largest abortion chain in the nation. It is clear that Planned Parenthood sees the implementation of facilities that only commit abortions using the abortion pill (medication abortions) as its wave of the future. These facilities allow Planned Parenthood to continue to end the lives of human beings in the womb through abortion—while sparing its staff from having to deal with the dead babies. 

In a medication abortion, the mother takes a pill to kill the baby at a PP facility and is then sent home to take a second pill a couple of days later to expel the dead baby from her body. Thus, the woman is left to deal with any problems or trauma on her own. She is normally instructed to deal with major problems by going to an emergency room—not back to Planned Parenthood. It’s been reported that Planned Parenthood instructs the women to tell the emergency room staff that she is having a miscarriage.

Critics of Planned Parenthood have maintained for years that the organization is more concerned with making a profit than women’s health. The significant growth of these abortion pill facilities is yet another demonstration of the truth of those concerns. Get the women in the door, sell them very expensive pills to kill their babies, and send them on their way to deal with any consequences on their own. Not the description of any real healthcare we’ve ever seen.

Reprinted with permission from STOPP.