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July 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Trump administration released a list of businesses Monday that received more than $150,000 in federal loans meant to compensate for the financial hardships of COVID-19 restrictions, revealing in the process that tax dollars went to multiple national pro-abortion organizations and independent abortion facilities.

The U.S. Treasury Department and federal Small Business Administration (SBA) made the disclosure in response to lawmaker inquiries about the Paycheck Protection Program, (PPP), created by the $2 trillion CARES Act legislation enacted this spring, CNBC reports. The program was meant to help businesses with fewer than 500 employees weather the costs of forced indefinite shutdowns imposed by most states in the name of public health.

The full list of loan recipients reveals that no less than 43 Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country received loans of at least $150,000, with many being much higher. Sixteen received loans in the $1-2 million range, sixteen in the $2-5 million range, three in the $5-10 million range, and eight in the $350-1 million range.

Taken together, the total Planned Parenthood affiliates received from PPP was somewhere between $65.8 million and $135 million.

Other pro-abortion organizations cashed in as well, including groups lacking even the pretense of Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services: the National Network of Abortion Funds ($350,000 – $1 million), National Abortion Federation ($350,000 – $1 million), and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation ($350 – $1 million). Independent abortion centers and chains in Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia also received loans ranging from $150,000 to $1 million.

It was previously known that 37 Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PFFA) affiliates had obtained $80 million in PPP loans, with the SBA notifying them back in May they were ineligible and had to return the money, and would face more “severe penalties” than just repayment, such as criminal or civil punishment, if they were found to have knowingly made false statements on their loan applications.

“An investigation into how Planned Parenthood was awarded these funds over the intent of the members who voted for it appears warranted,” Conservative Partnership Institute senior policy director Rachel Bovard told NBC News, noting that Republican lawmakers who supported the CARES Act expected the SBA to deem Planned Parenthood affiliates ineligible.

Regardless, many pro-lifers feared this was inevitable as soon as Congress undertook the task of putting together a spending package for COVID-19 relief.

Planned Parenthood killed 345,672 preborn children last year while receiving more than $616 million from the federal government, $430 million in private revenue, and $591 million in charitable contributions. This year, the abortion giant prepared a $5 million campaign to bombard election battleground states with advertising against state efforts to suspend elective abortions as part of COVID-19 emergency measures.