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BRYAN, TX, March 11, 2014 ( – A Planned Parenthood security guard tasked with spying on Abby Johnson’s pro-life charity And Then There Were None – dedicated to helping abortion workers escape the industry – was so impressed with what he saw that he asked the group to help him leave as well.

Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood facility director herself, says this isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood’s attempts to foil her organization have backfired.

“We've told you before about the many times workers have contacted us because Planned Parenthood has attempted to ‘warn’ their employees about And Then There Were None.  They didn't even know about our ministry until they got the email from Planned Parenthood!” Johnson wrote in an e-mail to supporters.  “That prompted several workers to contact us … and eventually leave their job in the industry.”

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In the case of the Planned Parenthood security guard, “Planned Parenthood gave this employee a task.  His job was to keep tabs on me and our organization,” Johnson said.  “He was so intrigued by what he saw, and so miserable in his job, he contacted us.  We are now working to place him in another position!  So, all we can say is, thank you for the referral, Planned Parenthood!”

Asked for comment by LifeSiteNews, Johnson said “I can’t really talk too much about it,” as the guard is still trying to secure new employment and fears retaliation from Planned Parenthood.  But she said that he does plan to go public when it is safe for him to do so.

LifeSiteNews will continue to cover this developing story.