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George Soros

May 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Left-wing billionaire George Soros is putting his money behind a new campaign to return the United States Senate to Democratic control, and Planned Parenthood is reporting for duty.

The “Win Justice” campaign is comprised of Planned Parenthood Votes, the Center for Community Change, Color of Change PAC, and Services Employees International Union (SEIU), the Washington Free Beacon reports. It plans to focus its efforts on women, youth, and racial minorities who don’t normally vote in every election in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada.

The Cook Political Report rates Florida and Nevada’s Senate races this November as toss-ups, and Michigan’s as a likely Democratic victory. Republicans currently have 51 Senate seats and the Democrats have 47. Democrats must defend 23 seats and the GOP just eight.

The initiative plans to outperform past similar efforts by “authentically engaging these voters early and often” through community leaders, it said in a statement to USA Today, as opposed to efforts that “engage too close to election day and don’t build real relationships.”

Win Justice, whose only known funder so far is Soros, hopes to reach 2.5 million voters through digital organizing, text campaigns, and door-to-door canvassing. Soros donated $3 million to the PAC in March; the PAC ultimately hopes to spend $30 million in the midterms. The $3 million from Soros is the only income of any kind on file with the Federal Election Commission, and when paired with a single $15 operations fee, leaves Win Justice with more than $2.9 million cash on hand as of April 1.

The Center for Community Change lists Deepak Bhargava as its executive director and Gara LaMarche as an advisory board member, both of whom have also been part of Soros's Open Society Foundation.

Over the years, Soros has spent tremendous amounts of money to promote abortion in the United States and around the globe. According to the Media Research Center, he has donated more than $21 million to Planned Parenthood since 2000, and gave last year’s so-called Women’s March on Washington almost $90 million via donations to more than 100 partnered organizations such as NARAL and the National Abortion Federation.

Through his network of organizations, Soros lobbies for abortion, euthanasia, and population control, as well as same-sex “marriage,” transgenderism, and a wide variety of other left-wing causes. He has even given money to sway abortion battles in foreign countries, such as Ireland’s upcoming referendum, despite laws prohibiting domestic groups from accepting foreign funds.

Planned Parenthood has spent aggressively on behalf of the Democratic Party, as well. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) spent more than $30 million in support of Democratic candidates in 2016. This year, the group says it will spend $20 million – the largest amount it has ever spent on midterm elections – to elect pro-abortion candidates in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.