WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 8, 2001 ( – Planned Parenthood clinics are losing more and more credibility with the public as an increasing number of successful lawsuits are laid against them. This week, STOPP International, an arm of the American Life League, reported that Planned Parenthood Mohawk-Hudson in New York paid a settlement in excess of $1 million to 24-year-old Lisa Joseph, whose breast cancer was misdiagnosed by Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner Ella Mary Wylie.

Wylie had told Joseph that the lump in her breast was not cancerous and that she was too young to have cancer. Two months later, she sought a second opinion elsewhere and learned that she had a cancerous lump. She had that removed; however, the cancer had by then found its way into her chest wall.

LifeSite News reported last week on the case of a 28-year-old woman in California, who was awarded $672,610 in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood. The award stemmed from what has been called a “botched” first-trimester abortion in 1997. A baby missing two limbs was aborted from her several weeks after the first abortion. It is believed that she had twins, with the second baby being undetected by the abortionists on the first occasion.