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(LifeSiteNews) — Abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood is offering $150 gift cards for participation in a “Sex Ed Summer Camp” that is expected to continue the organization’s long history of encouraging sexual promiscuity to minors.

“Sex Ed Summer Camp is a sexual health peer education certification program” to be held July 24-28 in Mankato, Minnesota, reads an application page promoted by Planned Parenthood Minnesota Advocate (PPMA). “Participants will use knowledge they learn to educate friends and peers. Topics covered include sexual anatomy, birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, healthy relationships and consent, and more!”

“Participants who complete the program will also receive a $150 gift card,” adds the application, which lists a contact email from Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS).

Left-wing extremism monitoring account Libs of TikTok highlighted the event, noting that the abortion giant has recently been in the news for “an elementary school using their sex ed materials to teach students about puberty blockers and pubic hair. Another school using their sex ed material to give students ‘ABC sex cards’ and a tweet saying that virginity is a social construct” (LifeSiteNews covered those stories on June 5, June 23, and June 30).

Planned Parenthood is notorious for promoting ideas about underage so-called “safe sex” which are anything but.

Examples include its chatbot app “Roo,” intended for teens as young as 13, which suggests there’s no right age to begin sexual activity and encourages birth control while also failing to note that no method is 100% effective; PP sex education executive Bill Taverner, who advocates teaching children about pornography; flyers distributed to middle schoolers telling kids they don’t need parents’ permission for abortion or birth control; “sex is hot” Facebook ads apparently targeted at teen girls; and much, much more.

Pro-lifers warn that Planned Parenthood’s work on the subject actually increases unintended pregnancy by encouraging sexual “exploration” among minors rather than taking a firm line that sex should be delayed until adulthood or marriage. This is believed to come partly out of the “progressive” movement’s far-left ideology and partly in order to generate more demand for Planned Parenthood’s services.

A 2016 report from the Obama-era U.S. Office of Adolescent Health found that, across six different Planned Parenthood affiliate partners, more than 3,500 students, and 87 schools, a Planned Parenthood-backed sex-ed program left students “significantly more likely than controls to have ever been pregnant or to have caused a pregnancy.”