HALIFAX, May 18 ( – Yesterday Planned Parenthood launched a major ad campaign in Nova Scotia pushing the abortive “morning after” pills. Posters promoting the pills have shown up in bus shelters advertising a toll free number where callers can be bombarded with deceptive information.

One prominent example of the propaganda says: “Once a woman is already pregnant, emergency contraceptive pills won’t be effective.” This statement implies the revised definitions of “pregnancy” and “conception” which even exist in some modern text books. Pro-abortion groups like to claim that pregnancy begins at implantation (in the lining of the mother’s uterus), not when the sperm and egg unite.

The PREVEN kit which is specifically designed for “emergency contraception” even offers a pregnancy test and says if the test indicates you are pregnant do not take the pills. This is however another sham. Pregnancy testers look for a chemical in the body known as hcG which according to health professionals is not found in the mother’s body until a substantial period after conception since the amount of the chemicals would be too small to detect earlier on. In fact, most pregnancy testers indicate that users should wait until the first day after a missed period to use the device.  The Provincial Department of Health has contributed to PP’s propaganda campaign as have the William H. Kaufman charitable foundation, the IWK Grace Health Centre and the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre – to the tune of $90,000.

With files from Halifax Chronicle Herald