Planned Parenthood Reports Record $882 Million Income, $63 Million Profit

  By Gudrun Schultz

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 8, 2006 ( – America’s largest abortion provider brought inÂclose toÂ$900 million last year, and achieved its second largest profit ever, according to the organization’s 2004-2005 annual report.

The massive organization reported a record income of $882 million dollars and a profit of $63 million, reported PipeLineNews on Monday. Profits have nearly doubled since 2003, when the 2002-2003 annual report indicated a profit of over $36 million dollars.

Planned Parenthood aborted more babies last year than in any previous year, ending the lives of more than 255,015 children by surgical abortion. That number doesn’t include the vast number of deaths caused by the sale of chemical abortion drugs, the morning after pill and abortifacient contraceptives, a major source of Planned Parenthood’s income.

The abortion chain operates more than 800 centers across the U.S. A report obtained by American Life League’s STOPP International in January revealed the organization operates 173 surgical abortion centers, 57 medical abortion facilities and 595 locations that distribute products causing early chemical abortions.

Despite continuing to promote itself as an adoption referral service, the organization also set a new record in the ratio of abortions to adoption referrals it carried out in the past year, at 180 abortions per 1 referral for adoption.

Planned Parenthood received a record amount of money in federal funding this year, with a total of $272.7 million dollars in government grants and contracts.

“Planned Parenthood must assume that elected officials can’t read a simple annual report,” said American Life League vice president Jim Sedlak. “While Planned Parenthood is begging for increased government funding, it’s also admitting that it racked up record operating profits in its most recent fiscal year.”

“Since 1987, Planned Parenthood has now received a total of $3.9 billion in taxpayers’ money,” said Mr. Sedlak.

“It is absolutely incredible that, in these days of natural disasters and homeland security threats, our federal, state and local governments would fund this controversial organization to the tune of nearly $4 billion,” he continued. “Why is our government so quick to finance such ruthless attacks on our own innocent children?”

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