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Anti-Trump condoms handed out by Planned Parenthood at the Rupublican National Convention in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Planned Parenthood took to the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week to protect its revenue stream from a possible Donald Trump-Mike Pence presidential administration, knocking the GOP nominee with anti-Trump-themed condoms.

Trotting out the same mantra from the 2012 election cycle that Americans need protection from Republican candidates, prophylactics donned with the “Protect Yourself From Trump” headline on the packaging were handed out during the convention by the abortion giant’s federal SuperPAC Planned Parenthood Votes volunteers.

“If Trump had his way … abortion would no longer be safe or legal in America,” one condom message states, along with several others including, “You would have to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to access birth control,” and, “You would no longer be able to get health care at Planned Parenthood,” among others.

Planned Parenthood’s own figures show the bulk of its revenue comes from abortion, and not the healthcare services it touts.

Some of the condoms handed out during the Republican convention this week also had the promotional slogan for a new Planned Parenthood Votes initiative titled #ToxicTrump, which promotes Planned Parenthood’s reasoning why a Trump presidency would be “disastrous,” and labeling the Republican nominee “a sexist, racist bully.”

“The Republicans have chosen the most anti-woman ticket in generations,” Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) executive vice president and head of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Dawn Laguens said in a statement on the SuperPac’s efforts to fend off a Trump presidency.          

“Together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have sworn to do everything they can to take away women’s basic right to safe, legal abortion,” Laguens went on. “It’s essential that we stop them from being elected to the White House. They cannot be allowed to determine the health and well-being of women in this country.”

Laguens joined the abortion behemoth’s Cleveland street effort to distribute condoms attacking Trump, calling Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, “the number one opponent of Planned Parenthood,” in an interview for Bloomberg Politics’ Facebook Live.

The Planned Parenthood exec also referred to the part of the RNC Wednesday night speaker lineup that included Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Pence as “The Four Men of the Anti-Abortion Apocalypse.” 

The nation’s largest abortion chain is lobbying hard for its cause during the election in the wake of undercover videos having exposed its leaders bartering in the remains of children aborted at its facilities for fear that nationwide efforts to halt the stream of millions of taxpayer dollars from ending up in its coffers may succeed.

The potential for several Supreme Court justice vacancies to come open and throw the ideological balance of the court into question adds to the critical nature of the election for Planned Parenthood as well.  

Nonetheless, the abortion chain promoting its business through the dissemination of condoms is nothing new, whether in a PR stunt or to foster sexual activity.

A group of Planned Parenthood protesters hurled condoms at Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and her supporters at a campaign stop in Iowa last fall.

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota (PPMN) latched on to the current Pokemon Go fad for the purpose of enticing young people to use condoms, and the abortion group continually tries to push condoms in schools at all levels under the guise of comprehensive sex education.

Research has shown that condoms are not as reliable for preventing disease or pregnancy as those promoting them might have the public believe.

Studies also indicate that promoting condom use can lead to more risky behavior in young people, with a recent University of Notre Dame study finding that access to condoms in schools actually increases teen pregnancies by about 10 percent, in part because condom distribution programs may in fact encourage more teenagers to have sex.