COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, August 19, 2013 ( – Personhood USA's continual ballot initiatives to prohibit all abortions so drained Planned Parenthood's coffers that the abortion provider had to close two offices, according to a spokeswoman for the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains spent about $3 million defeating Personhood measures, which would extend 14th Amendment protections to all unborn children, at the Colorado polls in 2008 and 2010.


Outspending the measure's sponsor, Personhood USA, by a hefty margin contributed to the decision to close Planned Parenthood facilities in La Junta and Colorado Springs, according to PPRM.

Both offer medical or chemical abortions by dispensing the morning-after pill.

Spokeswoman Monica McCafferty told the Colorado Springs Independent that she believed the pro-life movement used such ballot initiatives as “a tactic…to just drain our resources.”

Jennifer Mason of Personhood told the newspaper any collateral damage “was an unintended consequence. And I can't say I'm disappointed.”

“They profit on the killing of innocent children by preying on vulnerable women,” Mason said at a later occasion. “Then they use their ill-gotten gains to fight legislation to protect women and children, and it’s time for them to close their doors for good.”

The measure has not been costly only to Planned Parenthood. The Masons – Jennifer and her husband, Personhood President Keith Mason – had rocks thrown through their windows and vulgar graffiti painted on their house last July.

At the time, Jennifer was expecting their fourth child.

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They refused to give in, intensifying efforts for another Personhood measure in 2012.

Ultimately, the group sued after state officials kept the item off the ballot by invalidating 26,000 petition signatures.

The proposed amendment stated its purpose was “to affirm basic human dignity,” to clarify that “the right to life in this constitution applies equally to all innocent persons,” and “the intentional killing of any innocent person is prohibited.”

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