STAFFORD,Virginia, September 8, 2005 ( – American Life League’s STOPP International emphasized that Planned Parenthood is “undeserving of any public support” as evidenced by its callous exploitation of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina for its own financial gain.

“America is in the grips of what could be the worst natural disaster in its history, and all Planned Parenthood can think of is how to get its hands on the money pouring in for rescue operations,” said Jim Sedlak, STOPP International’s executive director. On its national web site, Planned Parenthood urges people to donate to Hurricane Katrina relief. The fine print on the web page then explains that all money raised will simply be used to support its own clinics and offices, not to support any of the rescue efforts or critical services needed by storm victims in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.

“The audacity of this organization, which has received more than $3.6 billion in taxpayer funds since 1987 and has current assets in excess of half a billion dollars, trying to siphon off hurricane relief dollars for its own coffers, is beyond belief,” Sedlak said.

STOPP is calling on all public officials in this country “to immediately turn off the spigot of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. No more Title X. No more Medicaid reimbursements. No more dollars through the myriad of taxpayer programs Planned Parenthood taps into every year. And, perhaps most importantly, no government programs to support the rebuilding or refurbishing of any of its storm-damaged clinics.”

Sedlak said this terrible tragedy has brought out the good and bad in people and groups across the country. “In the case of Planned Parenthood, the aftermath of Katrina has revealed the true nature of an organization that at its core is much more concerned with profit than health care.”