HOUSTON, September 1, 2005 ( – The Red Cross has volunteer teams with food, water, emergency shelters and medicine and is working around the clock to help the people struck by Hurricane Katrina. The Catholic Charities is there too, as is the National Guard, the Salvation Army and nearly every other humanitarian assistance organization imaginable, bringing every sort of assistance to the people left homeless and dazed by Katrina’s incredible fury. Thousands of individuals, organizations and commercial companies are donating time, material resources and cash in an international effort to help as quickly as possible.

Planned Parenthood, founded by an extreme racist and never missing an opportunity to peddle either their death-dealing drugs or their message of sexual license, has also jumped into the fray with the only thing they have to offer: chemical abortion. Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas (PPHSET) is requesting cash donations to continue its “reproductive health” services of abortion and the distribution of abortifacient drugs to the people hit by Katrina.

PPHSET website says, “Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas has offered to those fleeing Hurricane Katrina one free cycle (one month) of birth control or one free Emergency Contraception kit to women presenting to a PPHSET clinic with a valid Louisiana or Mississippi driver’s license.”

The PPHSET office website says, “We also are offering one (Depo-Provera) injection at a total fee of $41.00 (we are waiving the office visit charge, and offering the depo at a 50% discount).”

In addition, PPHSET is soliciting online donations to carry out its Hurricane mission. Planned Parenthood is the recipient of funds from the nearly bottomless pockets of organizations interested in eugenics and population control such as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and makes huge annual profits from its hundreds of abortion mills across the US. It also receives upwards of US $100 million a year from Title X program and from Medicaid. In 2002, Planned Parenthood reported total income of $766.6 million, of which $288.2 million was from “Clinic Operation”.

Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League’s STOPP International reacted with outrage, saying the Planned Parenthood offer is “absolutely unconscionable.” Sedlak, speaking to Cybercastnews, said, “The organization is exploiting one of the worst natural disasters in American history for cheap publicity by offering one month’s supply of free birth control and so-called emergency contraception to victims of Katrina.”

“If Planned Parenthood really wants to help, it should donate a portion of the millions of dollars in profits it makes every year to aid in the victims’ plights,” Sedlak added.

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