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ROANOKE, Virginia, February 15, 2011 ( – According to a video released recently released by the pro-life group Live Action, Planned Parenthood of Roanoke, VA has an answer for someone who thinks they might have contracted an STD but can’t afford the test to find out: donate blood.

The unedited footage of a conversation between a staff member at the Planned Parenthood facility in Roanoke and a man posing as a sex trafficker, is part of a Live Action sting operation which found staff members in seven different Planned Parenthood’s across the country apparently willing to help cover up the sex trafficking of minors.

The pro-life organization has released the full, unedited footage of all seven visits in response to Planned Parenthood’s claim that the shorter versions of the videos were doctored.

The full footage of the exchange between a Live Action undercover reporter and Planned Parenthood staff member in Roanoke revealed Planned Parenthood’s unusual STD screening recommendation.

After the “pimp” expresses concern that he might have contracted an STD, the staff member advises, “for peace of mind, go donate blood – cause if you go donate blood, they have to test for everything anyway. And you know, a lot of plasma places, they’ll test you for free … And they pay you for your plasma. You know what I mean?”

The staff member also indicates that this is something she tells “a lot of people.”

In a blog entry posted yesterday on the organization’s website, Live Action CFO and Media Director David Schmidt writes, “Today I called a couple blood donation centers and asked them if was good advice for people who think they might have STDs to donate blood. They said that it was very bad advice and that if people think they have an STD or other condition that they should address that condition before attempting to donate blood.”