CINCINNATI, OH, April 5, 2005 ( – On March 29, 2005, Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) -associated attorney Thomas Condit filed suit against Planned Parenthood of the Southwest Ohio Region on behalf of a Hamilton County couple who claim their daughter was coerced into an abortion by an adult boyfriend with the connivance of Planned Parenthood employees. Based on the allegations in the complaint, LLDF believes that this case, Roe v. Planned Parenthood, indicates a common practice of covering up for statutory rape at Planned Parenthood.

The case, filed in Hamilton County’s Court of Common Pleas, involves a girl 14 years old at the time, whose 21-year-old boyfriend is alleged to have compelled her to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood’s Auburn Avenue facility on March 30, 2004.

The complaint alleges that ignoring Ohio law, Planned Parenthood’s agents performed an abortion on the minor child without notifying or obtaining the consent of her parents. The complaint further alleges that despite the distraught teenager’s giving the name and address of her father, Planned Parenthood unlawfully performed the abortion on the sole authority of the boyfriend, who represented himself as the girl’s stepbrother as a cover-up for statutory rape. The “boyfriend” paid for the services of Planned Parenthood with his credit card.

The Ohio Revised Code Sections 2919.12 and 2919.121 requires abortion providers to give parental notice or seek parental consent for procedures performed on minor children.

The victim of the alleged molestation and her parents are referred to as Jane, John, and June Roe in the public copy of the complaint. The suit named John Does 1-6, pending discovery, as agents of Planned Parenthood and additional defendants.

The suit seeks redress in excess of $25,000 for compensatory damages and of $25,000 in punitive damages, plus attorney fees, costs, and any further relief that may be determined by the court.

“Tom Condit is doing a wonderful thing by helping to expose Planned Parenthood in the case of Jane Roe,” said Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. “We’ve suspected for a long time that Planned Parenthood frequently abets sexual predators in their exploitation of minor females. We’re glad that one of the victims has finally come forward to call Planned Parenthood to task.”

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