By Gudrun Schultz

CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 16, 2007 ( – An Ohio teenager has launched a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood affiliates in Cincinnati for failing to report to authorities that she was a victim of incest, Cybercast News Service reported earlier today.

Filed May ninth, the suit claims that when the girl—who cannot be named—sought an abortion in 2004 at the age of 16, she told staff with Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio that she had been raped by her own father and that the sexual assaults had been occurring since 2000, when she was 12 years old.

The girl accuses Planned Parenthood staff of violating Ohio law by failing to report the situation to authorities, a failure which then led to another 18 months of abuse. She is seeking $25,000 in damages “to compensate her for the severe harm she has suffered as a direct result of [Planned Parenthood’s] breach of their duties owed her.” She is also requesting that the court levy punitive damages against Planned Parenthood.

The incident is the latest in a growing body of accusations against the largest abortion provider in the country over alleged complicity in covering up rape, statutory rape and incest cases against minor girls. A report published yesterday outlined a volatile confrontation between a teenage pro-life advocate and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. 18-year-old Lila Rose posed as a minor girl—aged 15—in a meeting with a clinic employee and recorded the staff advising her to lie about her age in order to avoid filing a statutory rape report. Planned Parenthood demanded the tapes during the ensuing publicity and threatened Rose with legal action.

A nationwide undercover investigation into abortion clinics’ cover-up of statutory rape was conducted by Life Dynamics Incorporated of Denton, Texas, over a two year period. The group recorded over 800 calls to abortion clinics in which female callers posed as a 13-year-old girl pregnant by an adult and trying to hide the relationship. Ninety-one percent of abortion facilities agreed to hide the age of the girl, including many who first acknowledged that concealment would be illegal. (See further coverage at:

Similar accusations were raised against Planned Parenthood Michigan last week by the Life Education and Resource Network of the pro-life organization BlackGenocide.

In a press release May ninth, the organization demanded a full investigation into Planned Parenthood abortions, accusing Planned Parenthood of South East Michigan of violating state law by performing abortions on girls younger than age 12 .

“When girls under the age of 12 are brought into a Planned Parenthood and [have their] child aborted that is a crime under the state’s current law. If there has been a cover up of these egregious acts, the citizens and especially the authorities of Kalamazoo need to act responsively and with all diligence.”

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is helping to fund the Ohio case against Planned Parenthood.

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