November 4, 2011 ( – There is still time.

We’re nearing the end of this 40 Days for Life campaign. From all the stories I’ve heard … bringing light into darkness really does seem to be a major theme this fall.

Have you brought the light of Christ to the 40 Days for Life vigil yet?

Make this weekend count! God could use YOU to help save the life of a child scheduled to be aborted. It’s been done hundreds of times already in the last 37 days!

Here’s the link to the cities holding campaigns right now. Look for one near you — and please join in!


The young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood in tears. She just wanted to know if she was pregnant — but Planned Parenthood wanted to steer her towards abortion. “We offered her support and assisted her to the pregnancy care center next door,” said Jeanie, a 40 Days for Life leader in Syracuse.

It was not an isolated situation.

“One couple we offered assistance to told us as they were leaving that Planned Parenthood would not even give them a pregnancy test if they were not planning to have an abortion,” she said, “and the couple said they had insurance.”

Volunteers also spoke to a mother and daughter on the sidewalk outside. “The daughter was pregnant and angry at Planned Parenthood for not being willing to provide any pregnancy care whatsoever if she didn’t plan on aborting the baby,” Jeanie said.

She simply needed help filling out insurance forms. They were directed instead to the pro-life pregnancy care center to get the assistance they needed.


Cori in Lynn said “it warmed my frozen fingers and toes” to see a group of six dedicated prayer volunteers huddled in the rain at the 40 Days for Life vigil.

“They asked if they could hold the signs that were in my bag,” she said. “I made sure they knew that it might pave the way for ridicule.”

But they took the signs and walked back and forth the length of the block. “Friendly and encouraging honking of horns was the result,” Cori said. “I was relieved — and grateful for so much.”

The rain later turned to snow, and the challenges of just being there increased. Cori took a picture of the group. “I hope it cheers and encourages all of you as it has me,” she said. “Just beautiful and so full of life — in the shadow of darkness.”


“We are very happy for the participation of homeschoolers at our prayer vigil,” said Zulimar, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator in Bayamon.


“As part of their mission as educators,” she said, “parents from various locations in Puerto Rico decided to join the prayer vigil as a way of educating their children about the gift of life.”

Zulimar said the vigil filled with joyful children contrasted with the sad reality of what happens inside the abortion center. “We hope the presence of these families may have touched the hearts and minds of the abortionist and the employees that work at the abortion center.”

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