Planned Parenthood has a most perverse way of celebrating the Birth of Christ.

For the past several years, the largest abortion provider in the world has been offering gift certificates for Christmas. According to a PP press release, the gift certificates “allow you to give the gift of life to your loved ones.”

How is this remotely reflective of Christmas? How can a gift certificate for the world’s largest killer of children in the womb be seen as a loving and life-giving Christmas gift?

In previous years, Planned Parenthood has also launched an annual year-end fundraiser entitled “Choice on Earth” – a clear mockery of Scripture and the Christian faith, which instead promotes “Peace on Earth.” This year, one can even purchase “Choice on Earth” holiday cards to send to loved ones.

And then, on December 5, Planned Parenthood of Alaska utilized a popular holiday bazaar, the Mitzvah Mall in Anchorage, to promote and raise funds for their facilities (Mitzvah is Hebrew for “good deed”).

Planned Parenthood has disgustingly taken advantage of Christmas to distort the image of the Nativity; it seeks to exploit that which is good, true, and holy for the purpose of achieving an evil, life-destroying end.

LifeSiteNews shares a dramatically different message, one that is true to the meaning of Christmas. While PP outrageously claims that people can help save lives during the holiday season by supporting its perverse mission, LSN actually works to defend life, family, and truth.

During the Christmas season, we need you to help LifeSiteNews so that we can continue our mission to resist and overcome the life-destroying objectives of Planned Parenthood and other anti-life and anti-family organizations.

During his homily for the Vigil of Nascent Life on November 27, Pope Benedict described the intrinsic connection between the unborn and Christ in the womb. The Pope reminded the world that Advent is a time to reflect on the gift of human life.

“The beginning of this liturgical year helps us to relive the expectation of God made flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary, God who makes Himself small, He becomes a child, it speaks to us of the coming of a God who is near, who wanted to experience the life of a man, from the very beginning, to save it completely, fully.

“And so the mystery of the Incarnation of the Lord and the beginning of human life are intimately connected and in harmony with each other within the one saving plan of God, the Lord of life of each and every one of us.”

Pope Benedict continued to highlight this connection as he described the embryo as “a new living being, dynamic and wonderfully ordered, a new unique human being.

“So was Jesus in Mary’s womb, so it was for all of us in our mother’s womb.”

This Advent and Christmas, we are called to reflect and celebrate the Birth of Christ as well as the sacredness of Life itself – especially the lives of perfectly innocent little children, born and in the womb, as was John the Baptist when he leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when the pregnant Mary visited her cousin.

While Planned Parenthood seeks to distort and desecrate the message of Christmas by promoting the destruction of human life, LifeSiteNews intends to spend this holiday season celebrating Life and Truth.

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