OTTAWA, December 15, 2003 (  Over the last week several indicators have suggested that Canada may soon see legislation to grant marriage rights to homosexual couples under the name of ‘civil unions’ rather than using the word ‘marriage’.  Several Liberal MPs have spoken to the press anonymously suggesting that Prime Minister Paul Martin is likely to opt for recognizing in law registered ‘civil unions’ for homosexual couples with use of the word ‘marriage’ becoming a matter for religions.  Apart from the unnamed sources, the new Prime Minister has himself indicated an openness to examine different approaches to meeting the demands of gay activists and recent creative decisions by activist judges.  Moreover, he has appointed a new Justice Minister who has previously proposed these alternatives.  Former Justice Minister Martin Cauchon was a strong backer of granting full and equal ‘marriage’ recognition to gay couples.  Prior to the change in cabinet, Cauchon had commenced across Canada to promote the acceptance of homosexual ‘marriage’ in law.  However, current Justice Minister and constitutional law expert, Irwin Cotler, suggested a less confrontational ‘civil union’ approach this summer.  The August 21 Globe and Mail quoted Cotler as saying, “I think that there can be another option than same-sex marriage.  The court may come up with the kind of advisory opinion that will be respectful of the different sensibilities at the same time as it will be consistent with the equality-rights provision under the Charter.”

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