AMSTERDAM, June 19, 2003 ( – The Dutch abortion boat from the pro-abortion group known as “Women on Waves” is ready to set sail from the northern Holland habour of Harlingen to Poland, where a pro-life law protects unborn children from abortionists.  The ship is scheduled to arrive in Wladyslawowo, Poland on Saturday June 21st and will stay in port for two weeks.  A press release from Women on Waves says that the group “can provide safe and legal early medical abortion care on board their ship by sailing to international waters, 12 miles off the coast of any foreign country.”  It claims that, “Dutch law applies in international waters on board a Dutch ship.  Women on Waves has the permission of the Dutch Ministry of Health to provide the abortion pill to women who have missed their period for no longer than 16 days, in other words: until 6.5 weeks after the last menstruation.”  The Polish Pro Life movement is calling on the Dutch government to stop this aggressive attack on the Polish territory. The Dutch pro-life movement Cry for Life is urging their newly formed government to stop this unfriendly international incident.

Bert P. Dorenbos, president of Holland’s Cry for Life and also member of the International Right to life Federation sees the visit to Poland as proof that the battle for life within the European Union is heating up. Pro-abortion lobbyists are attempting to pressure countries because they are afraid to loose their monopoly in Brussels when the 10 eastern countries will join the European Union next year, says Dorenbos. The pro-life movement is inviting the East European Countries to join for the Budapest conference in July this year and the Brussels September 2004 Pro life Forum.