LODZ, Poland, September 19, 2006 ( – Lukasz Wróbel is a 25-year-old student from Warsaw and an organizer of graphic anti-abortion exhibitions on the streets of Polish cities.

His “Choose Life” exhibition features a series of graphic images of aborted babies juxtaposed with pictures of war and genocide victims. It has been shown on large posters in publicly accessible locations of six Polish cities. Apart from street displays, the pictures have been presented at several institutions, including the renowned Cardinal Wyszynski University.

Even though in each of the host cities the exhibition was fully legal and had satisfied all the required administrative regulations, Wróbel was prosecuted in three of the six locations.Â

In June 2006 the court in Lublin sentenced him to a fine of 2000zl (slightly over an average month’s salary) and legal costs for “causing public scandal”.

In August 2006 he was pronounced guilty of “exposing indecent material in a public location” by the Magistrate Court in Bialystok. However, he received no penalty. He is appealing the decision.

However, in the third case against him in Lodz, Wróbel was pardoned. The court ruled in his favour on September 4th 2006. The decision noted that Wróbel could not be guilty of “exposing indecent material in a public location”, since the material was neither vulgar nor brazen. Local advertisements on billboards were more brutal and many are far more vulgar.

Pro-life leaders in Poland have informed that in all three cases, it was the radical left, liberal activists and neo-communist politicians who sued the young pro-life activist.

Speaking on abortion Wróbel said, “I believe in every person’s right to life, from conception to natural death. The law in Poland allows for abortion in cases of rape or when malformation is diagnosed. This is barbarous, it must be changed. Nothing justifies the killing of an innocent human person. I want to take part in the public debate on the issue and hope to awaken people’s minds and consciences.”

Many respected public personalities, clergy, journalists, organizations and individual citizens have spoken out in the young man’s defense. Groups of pro-life youth have held peaceful demonstrations and prayer rallies outside court buildings in Lublin and Lodz in support of Wróbel and the freedom to defend life in general.

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