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Mary Wagner is considered a hero in Poland for her pro-life witness.

KRAKOW, Poland, August 22, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Jane Wagner, the mother of Canadian pro-life activist Mary Wagner, has appealed to her daughter’s Polish supporters for help.

Mary Wagner was arrested on December 12 at a Toronto abortion clinic after asking women in the waiting room to choose life for their babies. Her trial ended August 15. Justice Eric “Rick” Libman of the Ontario Court of Justice convicted Wagner of mischief and breach of probation but deferred sentencing so that Wagner could collect evidence, including character references, on her own behalf.  

In response, Wagner has asked her supporters to write letters to Justice Libman, not only on her behalf but in defense of unborn human life. Mary’s mother Jane wrote to Polish friends asking for their testimonies. Conservative Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik  (“Our Daily Paper”) has carried Jane Wagner’s appeal to its wide readership.

Exclusive to LifeSiteNews, here is the complete letter in its original English:

“Dear friends in Poland,

“Mary has an invitation for you! Following her conviction yesterday at trial, the judge asked that she seek letters from friends who can speak to her character, and the injustice to the unborn that has led her to her actions (that have resulted in her conviction and imprisonment). He will read the letters and Mary will return to court on Sept. 12 to receive her sentence. The prosecution has asked for an 18 month sentence for Mary’s recent actions, for which she has already served 6 months in jail.

“This is a unique opportunity to put before the courts the reality of the genocide of abortion. Please ask anyone who knows and loves Mary to please write to the Judge well before the 12th of September, keeping the letters to a single page, and to please be respectful.


Mary Wagner is a household name in pro-life, pro-family Poland. Little known in Canada outside pro-life circles and the legal establishment, Wagner attracts huge crowds in Poland, and her face has appeared on Polish stamps. Articles about her frequently appear in the Polish Catholic press.

“Mary is admired [here] for what she does,” Jacek Kotula of Fundacja Prawo Pro-Życia, one of Wagner’s Polish hosts, told LifeSiteNews (in Polish). “People value her courage and dedication to rescuing unborn children. Mary has a mentality close to that of Poles, who can dedicate their lives to an important idea.”

“The most important value of both Mary Wagner and of the majority of Poles is God and His Commandments,” Kotula added, “and for God and the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ they are ready to sacrifice their lives.”  


Nasz Dziennik interviewed Zbiegniew Piłat, a parishioner of St. John the Baptist Church in Kraków, where Wagner gave a speech on July 24, 2016.

“[Jane Wagner’s message] is a big appeal to all of us who hold the freedom of Mary Wagner in our hearts to support her with our testimony,” Piłat told the paper. “So many of us have met her in person and have indelible memories of her extraordinary character, which longs to save every conceived child.”

Piłat gave precise instructions to Wagner’s Polish supporters regarding their letters. For example, they should be only one page in length and be sent to Justice Libman care of Toronto’s Campaign Life Coalition.

“There’s very little time,” he warned. “A first class letter to Canada takes around seven days, it costs only 6 zloty ($3). Let’s not let Mary down.”