WARSAW, February 1, 2013, ( — While in many Western European countries governments continue their efforts to impose a radical “gay agenda” on their populations, a similar effort has remained unsuccessful in Poland.

The Sejm (Parliament) voted against three different proposal to create a legal statute for homosexual partnerships, one of them legalizing the possibility of “marriages” between two persons of the same sex.

Of the three proposals one was initiated by the ex-Communists, one by the radically anti-clerical “Palikot-Movement,” and the most “moderate” one (which substituted same-sex “partnerships” instead of “marriages”) was endorsed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who, whilst presenting himself as a devout Catholic, also is reported to have ambitions to become the next President of the European Commission.

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But Mr. Tusk’s attempt to relativize marriage and family met decisive opposition even within his own party — most notably, Justice Minister Jarosław Gowin, who stated that, in view of the special protection the Polish Constitution grants to families, any attempts to create new institutions that mimic families and marriages must be held to be unconstitutional.

At the same time, the Russian Duma has new enacted legislation to prohibit the promotion of homosexual behaviour. Similar legislation had previously been enacted in various regions (such as in the municipalities of Moscow and St. Petersburg), but now it applies throughout Russia. EU and US reacted angrily, with the US announcing that it would withdraw from the Civil Society Working Group of the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. But given that under the Obama administration “lending support to civil society” seems to be a code word for promoting homosexuality and abortion, there is reason to doubt that Russia will feel hurt by this sanction.


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