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MEDICINE HAT, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – Tamara Lich, the Freedom Convoy organizer, was arrested last night.

Constitutional lawyer Keith Wilson tweeted the news in the early hours of June 28. He said that it is currently understood that Lich’s arrest “relates to her bail conditions.”

In an email to the Canadian Press, criminal defense lawyer Eric Granger confirmed that Lich’s arrest is related to bail conditions, but her defence is awaiting further details.

Granger wrote: “We are not aware of anything that could have prompted this and are surprised by this development given the recent bail review hearing in Ontario where Ms. Lich’s positive record for complying with her conditions was one reason why some of her conditions were relaxed at that time.”

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Rebel News reported an allegation that Lich was arrested for posing with a convoy participant in a photo that was put on social media.

Lich’s bail conditions after being arrested for her involvement in the Freedom Convoy include a prohibition against involvement in any “anti-COVID 19 mandate activities and Freedom Convoy activities,” or social media activity related to the convoy.

However, a judge ruled in May that Lich could accept an award for leadership role in the convoy because she had been compliant with her conditions, even though it was likely that convoy supporters and participants would be at the event and that images would be put on social media.

Lich received the George Jonas Freedom Award from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on June 16.

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