Police investigate flyers tying LGBT movement to communists

Comparing the LGBT movement to communism is a 'bias incident.'
Thu Sep 14, 2017 - 4:13 pm EST
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BRUNSWICK, Maine, September 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Police are investigating a flyer comparing the LGBT movement to communism as a “bias incident.”

The flyer features a rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT movement, next to communism’s sickle and hammer. An equals sign is between the two.

The LGBT movement’s rainbow flag is typically flown with red and orange on the top. The flyer’s version of the flag had them at the bottom.

Town council member Kathy Wilson found one of the flyers on her car and reported it to police. She told local media she was unsure if the flyer was intended for her specifically or just placed on her car because it has a rainbow sticker on it.

“I do take it as a threat, only because of my experience all these years,” said Wilson. “I am very, very active in the gay community and everybody knows about it.”

Flyers were also left at a Burger King. Media reports don't say how many were found.

“It isn’t necessarily a crime” just because it’s a “bias incident,” Brunswick police commander Mark Waltz said. But “depending on why they picked her car, it could be considered harassment.”

If “later on” the person behind the flyers is “a suspect in a crime against someone, because of their gender or race or whatever, this could be an example to show that the crime was hate motivated,” said Waltz.

The flier features a logo for the “Forest Brothers.” It’s unclear what this group is.

Local media continued the national trend of trusting the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center as a reliable source on “hate groups.” The SPLC said it hadn’t heard of the group, so it wasn’t on their “hate list.”

“Since the ‘flyers’ were basically ink-jet printouts, my guess is that this was the work of one person and not an organization,” said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute. “This kind of canvassing isn't unusual, and the only reason it's getting any press is that the printout was placed on a council woman's car. For her to characterize this as a threat is beyond the pale.”

Stella Morabito is a former intelligence analyst who frequently writes about cults, communism, and propaganda. She often argues that political correctness is cult-like in its demands for conformity and notes that Soviet communists used propaganda “basically to get people to disempower themselves.”

"This is a curious incident," Morabito told LifeSiteNews. "But most interesting to me is that an LGBT activist would find the equation with communism a bad thing. Most activists strongly aligned with the LGBT agenda definitely support state centralization of power, which is exactly what communism is all about."

"All of the policy agendas they support – single payer healthcare, extreme government regulation, common core, the abolition of the organic family, anti-life, government regulation of speech – all naturally lead to the consolidation of power by an oligarchy of elites, i.e., communism," Morabito continued. "Another group supporting the LGBT agenda is 'RefuseFascism,' which is led by the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA."

"So my question for those who see this incident as a potential hate crime is: Given that there's such a strong alignment with LGBT causes and big government causes – and definitely with virtually all people who identify as communists and statists – why would you view any such connection as a bad thing?" she asked. "If you have an aversion to communism, please explain why. I'd be fascinated to hear an answer."

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