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 Created Equal / YouTube

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Yesterday, a police officer told pro-life activists that if they displayed signs and spoke to people going inside a Planned Parenthood surgical abortion center, they would be in violation of an order issued by Gov. Mike DeWine earlier this week.

The pro-life activists were with Created Equal and caught the exchange with the officer on film.

As the video demonstrates, the officer had been given orders by the Columbus Police Department Legal Counsel to cite anyone for being on the sidewalk. Within a few minutes of telling the pro-lifers this, he returned, admitted that he was wrong, and said they could stay to counsel the women seeking abortions. However, the pro-lifers were told they still could not have more than 10 people on the sidewalk and had to maintain proper “social distancing.”

“Despite orders to cease performing surgical abortions, in most states Planned Parenthood is defying these orders, maintaining abortions are essential service,” Created Equal’s Mark Harrington said. “At the same time when pro-life speech is not being considered essential, Planned Parenthood is violating the orders of several governors to cease non-essential service (i.e. – surgical abortions). Unfortunately, what happened to us in Columbus is happening across America. As long as Planned Parenthood is killing babies, we will work [to] save them.”