Polish doctors to Canadians: We’re sorry your ‘head abortionist’ was born in our country

The Catholic doctors said they were 'ashamed' that Henry Morgentaler was born in Poland.
Thu Dec 21, 2017 - 3:05 pm EST
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Famed Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler

WARSAW, December 21, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A Polish association of Catholic doctors has thanked a jailed pro-life activist in Canada for her willingness to protect preborn children from abortion, even at the cost of suffering imprisonment. 

“We want to thank you for honoring the Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary by protecting the lives of the smallest and most innocent patients of the Women’s Care Clinic, Toronto,” the Polish Catholic doctors wrote in a letter to Mary Wagner. The letter was obtained by LifeSiteNews. 

Wagner was arrested on December 8 after asking women in the waiting room of a Toronto abortion facility to choose life for their children.

The Blessed Ewa Noiszewska branch of the Catholic Association of Catholic Doctors told Wagner in their letter that they were ashamed that Canada’s most notorious abortionist, the late Henry Morgentaler, was born in their country.

“As Polish doctors, we want to support all actions which will make laws to protect children's lives from [the moment of] conception, not only in Poland, but also in Canada.  The current Canadian law causes remorse in Polish doctors because of Henry Morgentaler (1923-2013) who was a Polish Jew born in Poland. He was a gynecologist who supported abortion as women’s inalienable right, and he worked in Toronto [until he was 90 years old] as … a great promoter of abortion in Canada,” the letter states. 

The association summarized Morgentaler’s biography and career, noting that he was one of the first physicians in Canada to perform vasectomies, insert IUDs and prescribe contraceptive pills to unmarried women. He opened Montreal’s first abortion clinic in 1969, and was the first abortionist in Canada to use the vacuum aspiration method. He opened 20 abortion businesses and trained more than 100 fellow physicians in abortion procedures.  On December 8, 1983, Morgentaler participated in a rally on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill to lobby for abortion-on-demand. 

“We are ashamed that a gynecologist who was born in Poland was the head abortionist in Canada,” the doctors wrote. 

The doctors informed Wagner in their letter of a bill to stop eugenic abortion in Poland. 

“Let it be your happiness that a bill prepared by the ”Stop Abortion” initiative, which [aims to cut] from Polish law the agreement for eugenic abortion, was submitted in Sejm [the Polish parliament] in December,” the letter states. 

“The new bill changes only one exception [to the general ban], but [this exception] is overused and responsible for 95% of aborted children who are suspected to have a congenital defect (usually Down or Turner Syndrome).”

The doctors told Wagner that 830,000 signatures were collected in support of the bill. 

“There is a real chance that [the] eugenic exception will disappear from Polish law and save the lives of [sick] children. We hope that your actions will change the callous Canadian law, which does not grant any rights to the fetus until [his or her] first breath. We know that over 30 attempts to change this law did not [meet with] success,” they state. 

Mary Wagner is considered a heroine in Poland. Unlike Canada, the country’s laws on abortion contain some protections for unborn children. 

The doctors told Mary that, inspired by her actions, they would write letters to Canada’s Supreme Court, the Canadian bishops, and Canadian abortion doctors on behalf of the unborn. 

“We cannot [accept that] doctors and nurses who are called to save lives and heal terminally-ill people perform this homicidal procedure,” they stated. 

“Dear Mary we pray for your actions which influence the awareness of people and Canadian judges,” the association continued. “We pray for your acquittal during the 21st December trial, so you can spend time with your family. We thank you for performing visible actions that protect unborn children [from being] killed by Canadian physicians.”

They asked Mary to pray for a pregnant friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. They wished her “peace and happiness” from the Infant Jesus over the Christmas season.  

The letter was signed on behalf of the Blessed Ewa Noiszewska and Masovian branches of the Catholic Association of Polish Doctors and the Medical Group of the Holy Family by Professor Bogdan Chazan, Dr. Grażyna Rybak, Dr. Alicja Moszczyńska-Kowalska, Dr. Zofia Rojek, Dr. Stanisław Nitek, and Dr. Katarzyna Nitek.


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