WARSAW, October 31, 2003 ( – The head of the Catholic Church in Poland has criticized lawmakers over legislation to ease abortion restrictions and provide so-called “protection” to homosexuals. But the ruling Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) under Prime Minister Leszek Miller, took power in 2001 vowing to conform Poland’s laws to those of other decadent liberal democracies.  “Some SLD politicians are returning to the old Lenin traditions, a time when tactics were more important than values, than a solid program, than respect for human life,” said Archbishop Jozef Zycinski of Lublin.  One pro-abortion SLD politician, Izabela Sierakowska, feared Poland may not be ready to abandon traditional morality quickly enough: “These will be very difficult decisions. I am not sure that in the end there will be enough determination in the party to take them.”  For newswire coverage:,3367,1430_A_1015084_1_A,00.html