Polish Legislation to Protect School Children from Homosexual Propaganda Proposed

By Hilary White
  WARSAW, March 15, 2007 ( – The Polish ministry of education is taking measures to protect children from being propagandized by homosexual political activists while on school property, Polish Radio reports. The ministry of education has prepared a bill that would subject school headmasters to disciplinary dismissal for allowing activists representing “minority sexual preferences” into schools.
  The legislation is being proposed by the League of Polish Families minor coalition party whose representative said it is intended to protect the rights of parents to “bring up their children according to their chosen value system.”
“The homosexual agenda is a threat to that freedom,” explained party spokesman Krzysztof Bosak. “n Poland homosexual activists have tried to distribute very obscene leaflets to school children. This needs to be stopped, for the sake of our children, their safety and freedom from this kind of harassment.”
  Bosak, born in 1982, is the second youngest person ever elected to the Polish parliament and is known for his strong pro-life and pro-family opinions and activities. He cited the growing instances around the world in which homosexual activists have successfully marginalized the majority who hold traditional family and religious values.
“In Canada we can see courts depriving parents of the right to opt out of homosexual propaganda classes for their children.”
  Referring to the Massachusetts Parker case, Bosak continued, “We saw a man arrested because he went to the school headmaster to ask for exclusion of his child of such classes. In England a program was devised for children to learn gay and lesbian history, which had very little to do with history or science and everything to do with an ideology that is harmful to children.”
  Bosak referred to research that showed the medical dangers of homosexual activity, warning that “Gay activists want to impose on society the view that homosexuality is normal.”
“We see how gay lifestyle destroys people’s health, we see higher levels of pathologies, addictions, suicides, violence and abuse among people who embrace the homosexual lifestyle. This is definitely not something to be presented to our children as normal, natural and healthy.”
  He warned too about well documented links between the international homosexual activist community with those attempting to normalize pedophilia.
“Nobody is attacking people with homosexual tendencies,” he added. “What we oppose is the dangerous political and social movement that uses the problems of gay people to push forward an agenda that is dangerous to the foundations of our civilization.”
  Listen to the report from Polish Radio:

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