NEW YORK, January 18, 2011 ( – In a move linked to beneficial effects of the health care reform law, The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is preparing for an expansion that would make surgical abortion available at each of its affiliate offices by 2013, according to a report in the New Jersey Star-Ledger this week. 

National and state Planned Parenthood officials declined to give the Star-Ledger details on the organization’s expansion, calling it too soon to predict how it would unfold. However, Lisa David, Planned Parenthood’s senior vice president for Health Services Support, confirmed a plan to offer surgical abortion in at least one clinic in each of its 85 regions or affiliates by the end of 2013.

While the number of abortions in New Jersey has been declining since 2005, access to abortion is expected to increase if Planned Parenthood’s intentions are realized: the number of Planned Parenthood facilities that provide abortions in the state is expected to double from three to six by 2013.

Planned Parenthood’s expansion has been linked to an anticipated increase in business due to the potential for massive government subsidization of the abortion giant through the new federal health care law. 

The Detroit News reported in April that Planned Parenthood in Michigan was opening a new facility in Oakland County that would likely offer abortion services, a move the paper called “an early sign of health care reform’s impact.”

Lori Lamerand, president and chief executive officer of the Mid and South Michigan chapter, told Oakland County’s Daily Tribune that the current “political atmosphere” has “created new opportunities for us that we are thrilled to have.” The new facility is expected to open this coming year in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 

Planned Parenthood’s nationwide abortion mandate was first revealed after Planned Parenthood’s South Texas office announced that it would drop its affiliation rather than provide abortion services.