More Than Politics Likely Seen as Corrupt by Canadians

OTTAWA, April 22, 2002 ( – Nearly 70% of Canadians believe that their political systems at both the federal and provincial levels are corrupt. Moreover, the Leger Marketing poll also found that nearly a quarter of Canadians believe that our federal and provincial systems were not democratic.

At the federal level 69% of Canadians found that the political system was ‘highly’ or ‘somewhat’ corrupt, compared with 26 per cent who thought it was ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ corrupt. At the provincial level the ratio was 68% to 26%. At the federal level 24% believe the political system is ‘not very’ or ‘not at all’ democratic and at the provincial level that is believed by 23%.

The poll was based on phone interviews conducted between April 2 and April 7, 2002 and had a margin of error obtained for a sample of 1500 respondents is of ± 2.6%, 19 times out of 20.

Pro-life observers comment that if Canadians were asked, it would be found that the corruption is seen to be much wider than just the political system. They note that most major Canadian institutions including government, law, police, courts, health, education, media and even religious institutions are currently experiencing serious corruption. The root cause seems to be related to co-operation with attacks on traditional moral codes, especially regarding family, sexual and respect for human life matters.

Historically, as seen even in the decline and fall of once great civilizations, this co-operation has lead to corruption because of the natural contradiction between such co-operation and maintaining ethical conduct and policies. Continued attempts to justify the harmful actions or inactions only deepen and spread the corruption.

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