MONTREAL, July 17, 2001 ( – A recent poll conducted by Leger Marketing reveals that, despite claims by homosexual activists that 10% of the population is homosexual, only 2.6% of Canadians have ever engaged in homosexual sex acts and only 4.6% have ever been attracted to someone of the same sex.

The poll also reveals that language plays a major role in the opinions expressed. In one question, asking if homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals, 75.7% of respondents said they should. However, when the questions were specified to include marriage and adoption rights, the results differed greatly. The poll reveals regional disparities in regards to the questions. Less than half of the respondents in Ontario, the Prairies and Alberta favoured adoption rights, but a majority in Quebec, the Maritimes and BC supported homosexual adoption. The poll also suggests that same-sex marriage has approximately 70% support in Quebec, the Maritimes and BC while only a slight majority support (approx 55%) in Ontario, the Prairies and Alberta.

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