WASHINGTON, July 3, 2001 ( – An ABCNews/Beliefnet poll conducted by telephone June 20-24, 2001, among a random sample of 1,022 US adults has found support for legal abortion in the United States has fallen to 52 per cent, down from 59 per cent in January. Additionally, the poll found that the percentage of Americans who said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases has reached 43 % – the highest level since the ABC polls began.

Religious belief was found to top the list of reasons for pro-life convictions. Among people who identified themselves as Catholics, 55% were in support of legal abortion while 43% opposed it. Among Protestants, 66% supported legal abortion and 33% opposed it. However, Protestants who identified themselves as “Evangelical” voted 63% against legal abortions and only 34% in support.

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