Poll: Presidential Candidate Backing of Tax Payer Funded Abortion Decreases Support Among 68% of Women

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 23, 2007 ( - A national survey of women voters this week revealed that Hillary Clinton has a long way to go before she can claim the "women’s vote." In fact the poll, commissioned by the Susan B. Anthony List (, found that while Clinton enjoys support among women voters, her support is underwhelming at best.

"Women may be ready to vote for a female president, but Hillary Clinton doesn’t fit the bill," said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List.

  Forty percent of the women said they could conceivably vote for Hillary in ‘08. Another 30% would vote for "a woman" in 2008, but not "the woman" who is actually running. Some 16% would back a woman in a future election beyond 2008, and only 7% foreclosed the possibility far into the future.

"Considering how miserably Clinton does among male voters, she should be concerned that the ‘sisterhood’ is not rallying to her side either," said Dannenfelser.

  The poll revealed that Hillary’s positions on abortion were at odds with a majority of American women. When voters were asked the following questions, Clinton was clearly out of step and here’s why:

  - 73% of women said they would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate if they voted against a law that would have made it a criminal act for an adult to take a girl younger than 18 years of age across state lines for the purposes of obtaining an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. Hillary Clinton voted against this law twice in 2006.

  - 64% of women voters would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who voted against the partial-birth abortion ban. Hillary Clinton voted against the partial-birth abortion ban four times.

  - 68% of women are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate if they support taxpayer-funded abortion. Yet, Hillary Clinton has pledged to provide taxpayer funding for American’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

  Additionally, the poll showed Hillary lacks the "charisma and natural charm of her spouse," and the number of women who regard her as "personable" was less than the margin of error. Perhaps most damaging to the legitimacy of Clinton’s candidacy was when women were asked to cite anything that comes to mind when they think of Hillary Clinton. Twenty-eight percent said, "she was married to Bill Clinton." And only 6% cited any policy position of hers. "This finding is a major blow to feminists who would agree that a woman should be elected to the White House on her own merits," added Dannenfelser.

  Dannenfelser concluded, "Clinton needs women voters to win, yet her extreme abortion policies remain out of step with the majority of American women. The feminist lobby may support her radical positions, but in the real and bigger world of women voters, Clinton’s extremism fails to translate into votes. Hillary needs more in common with women voters than anatomy."

  The telephone poll survey of 600 women voters was conducted by the polling company inc./WomenTrend on August 15-20, 2007. The margin of error is calculated at +/- 4 percent.

  To view the poll, please visit:

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