Poll: Support for Homosexual “Marriage” Grows in US

By Hilary White

July 28, 2008 ( - A US poll suggests that support for homosexual unions, including homosexual "marriage," is on the increase. Angus Reid found in a survey of 1,783 US voters that 32 percent said they would vote to allow homosexual partners to contract legal marriages. Only 29 percent said they would grant homosexual partnerings no legal recognition.

33 percent said they supported some form of civil unions, and 56 percent of respondents said they would oppose amending the United States Constitution to ban same-sex "marriage."

The poll has been released at the same time that pro-family supporters in California are stepping up efforts to pass a ballot proposition that would define marriage in the state as being between one man and one woman.

The effort follows the ruling by the state Supreme Court legalizing same-sex "marriage" that went into effect June 16. 

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