ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania, July 11, 2011 ( –  A blood-smeared freezer and “sterile” instruments in brown-stained packages were among the conditions that greeted inspectors in an Allentown abortion clinic in May. The facility, however, nevertheless remains open and operational, according to a newly released report by Pennsylvania health officials.

Allentown Medical Services was formerly operated by notorious abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham, before he had his operating license revoked last year. The clinic then changed hands to Rose Health Services Co., according to a report by The Morning Call.

An investigation by the Pennsylvania Health Department in May led to a citation against the facility, after officials discovered a scenario in some ways similar to that at the “House of Horrors” clinic of Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia that brought national embarrassment to the state administration.

In one instance, according to the report, officials discovered a freezer labeled “Infections Waste” that revealed “multiple areas of a brown red frozen splatter and smear marks” on the inside door, seal, and “all sides of the interior” when opened.

“There was also a thick layer of this brown red frozen material on the bottom of the freezer. [The clinic worker] identified this brown red frozen material as frozen blood,” stated the report.

Inspectors also found various instruments, including metal vaginal speculums and others, that clinic staff said were sterilized, but that were left unwrapped. Other surgical instruments were found with “an of accumulation brown debris in the hinge areas and brown staining on the inside of the packages.” Clinic staff “confirmed that these surgical instruments were considered sterile.”

Staff also told investigators that instruments in drawers alongside dirt and hair, and others partially unwrapped and stuffed in a “musty” smelling suitcase, were also considered ready for patient use. Investigators also learned that pillows, blankets and heating pad covers offered to women were laundered by staff “every once in a while.”

AMS in fact “failed to conform to all applicable State Laws,” the report notes, including patient safety review regulations. Officials found that the requisite patient safety meetings were not conducted on-site or in quarterly intervals; they also deemed “inadequate” the recorded minutes for the latest such meeting, which simply stated that there were no reported incidents and that “the quality of patient safety is fine at this time.”

The report noted that “the facility is encouraged to provide a plan of correction.”

Even more gruesome discoveries were made by police last year at Brigham’s practice in Elkton, Maryland, where police removed the corpses of 35 frozen unborn children from a freezer. Brigham’s four-state abortion business crumbled after he was caught ferrying women mid-abortion from New Jersey to Maryland, where he had no license to practice. The scheme was discovered last August after Brigham transported a heavily bleeding 18-year-old abortion patient in the back of his car to a local hospital.

A Commonwealth Court has upheld the revocation of Brigham’s operating license and recommended that “all registrations” of AMS to operate facilities in the state be revoked, and that AMS “should be precluded from registering any freestanding abortion facility.”

In a report Monday, Operation Rescue president Troy Newman criticized Pennsylvania health officials for allowing the clinic to continue in operation.

“The public needs to let the Pennsylvania Health Department know that people are watching this case closely and that the Allentown Medical Services abortion clinic must be immediately closed in the interest of public safety,” said the pro-life leader.

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