VATICAN, October 1, 2001 ( – On Sunday, Pope John Paul II called on families to become “promoters of a new stage of commitment for an effective defense of family values.” Zenit News ( reports that before leading the midday Angelus with pilgrims, the Pope warned families against “disintegrative tendencies” and attempts “to equate the institution of the family based on matrimony with other forms of living together.”

His remarks came as he drew attention to the upcoming Oct. 21 declaration of sainthood of a Roman couple, Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi (1880-1951) and Maria Corsini (1884-1965). “For the first time, two spouses will arrive together, as a couple, to the goal of beatification . This event is taking place 20 years after the publication of the apostolic exhortation ‘Familiaris Consortio,’ which focused on the role of the family, especially threatened in present day society,” said the Pope.

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