VATICAN CITY, February 7, 2011 ( – Pope Benedict XVI urged health care workers to uphold and promote life in an short address before the Sunday Angelus yesterday.  “It is my wish that the new generations of health workers are the bearers of a renewed culture of life,” said the pope.


The pope recalled that this Friday, February 11th, is the World Day of the Sick.

“Thus I exhort all health workers to see in the sick person not only a body marked by fragility, but first of all a person, to whom complete solidarity must be extended and adequate and competent responses given,” he said.

The pope greeted the delegations of medical and surgical departments who were gathered for a conference on the topic of health assistance during pregnancy.

“When scientific and technological research are guided by authentic ethical values it is possible to find adequate solutions for the welcoming of nascent life and the promotion of maternity,” he affirmed.

“I hope that everyone will work to make the culture of life grow, to put the value of the human being at the center in every circumstance … According to faith and reason the dignity of the person is irreducible to his faculties or the capacities he can manifest, and so it is not lessened when the person himself is weak, handicapped and in need of help.”