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ROME, April 21, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis made a climactic appearance in a National Geographic film about “global warming” that was narrated by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and released on DVD this week.

The film, titled Before The Flood, contained a line-up of left-leaning activists renowned for pushing the theory of man-made global warming. The list included Ban Ki-moon, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Elon Musk, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. 

The film's climactic ending shows DiCaprio, the United Nation’s Messenger of Peace, being received at the Vatican by Pope Francis. According to the film, they spoke about the necessity of the “world community” accepting the “science” behind so-called climate change. The meeting took place in January 2016. 

“One of the most important spiritual leaders on the planet…has now called upon the world community to accept the modern science of climate change. A pope has never done anything like this in history,” related DiCaprio in the film.

“He feels we all need to be speaking out about this issue as loud as we can, that we must immediately take action,” he said. 

DiCaprio described Francis’ leadership on climate change as “inspirational and essential” in the inscription of a book that he gave to the pope during their visit.

Francis' 2015 encyclical Laudato si' called for a “broad cultural revolution” to reverse the effects of human activity on the planet. He has called upon Catholics to have an “ecological conversion,” telling them to confess sins against creation, such as using “plastic and paper,” not “separating refuse,” and not “turning off unnecessary lights.”

Under Francis’ watch, the Vatican has hosted numerous conferences on topics such as the environment, sustainability, and population, involving some of the Church’s most vocal opponents to Catholic teaching on life, marriage, and family. Some of these speakers include Bernie Sanders, Ban Ki-Moon, Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Ehrlich, and John Bongaarts.

The Vatican’s most recent conference, titled Biological Extinction, featured the pro-abortion population controller Dr. Paul Ehrlich. He told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview just days before the March conference that he was “thrilled” with the direction Francis is taking the Church. 

Carleton University professor Michael Hart argued in his 2016 book Hubris that the climate change advocacy is based on “poor science.”

“I learned that both domestic and international actors had succeeded in using the poorly understood science of climate change to advance an ambitious environmental agenda focused on increasing centralized control over people’s daily lives,” he told LifeSiteNews in an August 2016 interview.

Hart made the case that “climate change” has become the Left’s new Trojan horse for ramming through its social agenda on an unsuspecting population.

“Left-wing politicians discovered in climate change renewed ways to press their agenda of social and economic justice through coercive government programs. As John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire, sees it, ‘The alarmists have learned well from the past. They saw what motivates policy makers is not necessarily just hard science, but a well-orchestrated symphony of effort … announce a disaster; cherry pick some results; back it up with computer modeling; proclaim a consensus; stifle the opposition; take over the process and control the funding; and roll the policy makers,’” he said.

Hart quoted philosopher of science Jeffrey Foss whom, he says, sees how environmental science has become the new religion with its own god, its own unique sins, and its own ultimate solution.

“Environmental science […] prophesies an environmental apocalypse. It tells us that the reason we confront apocalypse is our own environmental sinfulness. Our sin is one of impurity. We have fouled a pure, ‘pristine’ nature with our dirty household and industrial wastes. The apocalypse will take the form of an environmental backlash, a payback for our sins. … environmental scientists tell people what they must do to be blameless before nature.”