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(LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis defended his appointment of a pro-abortion economist to the Pontifical Academy for Life, saying that he put her there to “give a little more humanity to it.” 

In an interview during his return flight from Bahrain on Sunday, Francis mentioned the controversial appointment of Marianna Mazzucato, a self-described atheist with ties to the World Economic Forum. 

The Pontiff answered a question about women’s rights and equality by saying, “Women have their own way of solving problems, which is not man’s way.” 

“And both ways must work together: the woman, equal to the man, works for the common good with that insight that women have,” Francis continued. “I have seen that in the Vatican, every time a woman comes in to do a job in the Vatican, things get better. For example, the vice governor of the Vatican is a woman, the vice governor is a woman, and things have changed for the best.” 

“In the Council for the Economy, there were six cardinals and six lay people, all male. I changed the lay people: I put one male and five women.” 

“And this is a revolution because women know how to find the right way, they know how to move forward,” Francis said.  

“And now I have put Marianna Mazzucato in the Pontifical Academy for Life,” the Pope stated, confirming that he had personally picked the pro-abortion economist as an addition to institution. “She is a great economist from the United States. I put her there to give a little more humanity to it.” 

Mazzucato is a professor of economics at the University College of London (UCL) and was first announced as one of the Academy’s new appointees in an October 15 press release. 

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Stand with Fr. Fidelis as he is jailed for defending unborn babies
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UPDATE (3/30/23): Fr. Fidelis is jailed along with another pro-life hero

Father Fidelis has been sentenced to 270 days in jail by a Michigan court, while fellow Red Rose rescuer Matthew Connolly was sentenced to 90 days in jail and told to pay fines.

The CFR priest will serve his sentence (90 days per 3 charges) concurrently, so he will be behind bars for 3 months.

Like their companions Elizabeth Wagi and Jacob Gregor, who received lighter penalties, Moscinski and Connolly were pronounced guilty of “trespassing, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace/interfering with a business” on February 24, 2023 at the 46th District Courthouse in Southfield, Michigan.

Wagi received 18 months’ probation with fines and was ordered not to go anywhere near an abortion facility or her co-defendants. Gregor got 12 months’ probation with fines and 10 days community service. He was told not to speak to convicted church members.

LifeSiteNews is still awaiting news of Dr. Monica Miller and Laura Gies, who were found guilty of trespassing and resisting arrest.

The Southfield trial stemmed from a Red Rose Rescue at the Northland Family Planning abortion center, one of three abortion centers owned and operated by Renee Chelian, on April 23, 2021.


UPDATE (1/24/23): 

Pro-life priest and Red Rose Rescuer Fr. Fidelis Moscinski has been found guilty of violating the Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. 

Yesterday Fr. Fidelis was convicted of the federal crime for a July 2022 “lock and block” rescue he conducted at a Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, New York. The priest is scheduled to be sentenced on April 24 and faces up to six months in federal prison. 

Sign the petition to let Fr. Fidelis know you support him and are praying for him.


UPDATE (10/26/22): 

A Pennsylvania court issued a split ruling against a pro-life Franciscan priest and activist arrested after he entered an abortion clinic to help women choose life.

Father Christopher “Fidelis” Moscinski was found guilty of two misdemeanor charges and not guilty of a felony trespass and a misdemeanor resist, for participating in a Red Rose Rescue at a Planned Parenthood.

Fr. Moscinski entered the clinic on August 27, 2021 with red roses and pro-life literature ready to hand out to women and persuading them to choose life for their children.

Fr. Fidelis has participated in many Red Rose Rescues at abortion centers, and for this has been imprisoned multiple times.

He was also previously arrested for trying to save babies in Ohio in June 2021 and in New Jersey in January 2020.

After the court decision, Fr. Fidelis urged people to “continue keeping all pro-lifers anywhere who are facing charges, especially federal charges, in your prayers, and that God can bring some good out of this unjust persecution.”

Sign this petition today to let Fr. Fidelis know you stand with him and his heroic fight to save unborn lives from abortion.

Fellow pro-life activist and Red Rose Rescuer Will Goodman told LifeSite’s Jim Hale that the court’s ruling to drop one felony and reject another was a “big victory.”But the crackdown on pro-lifers continues!

Just recently the Biden administration targeted Fr. Fidelis and other pro-life activists for Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) violation charges.

This same law was also used by the FBI to raid the home of pro-life Catholic dad Mark Houck last month.

It’s really a disgrace that in America pro-lifers are increasingly being attacked and persecuted simply because they stand for life.

Fr. Fidelis Moscinski needs your prayers and support now more than ever as he continues to fearlessly battle for the unborn.

SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY to tell Fr. Fidelis you stand with him and his courageous fight!


‘Big victory’: Felonies tossed in split verdict for priest attempting rescue of unborn

BREAKING NEWS: Father Fidelis Legal Verdict reaction LIVE by Legal team

FBI charges pro-life priest with violating abortion access law one week after Mark Houck raid

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In addition to being a speaker at the WEF – the globalist group behind the socialist, anti-Christian “Great Reset” agenda – Mazzucato is also enthusiastically pro-abortion, in direct contradiction to the infallible and unchangeable teaching of the Catholic Church. 

The Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV) has defended the scandalous appointment and said that Pope Francis nominated her for the position, which the Pontiff has now confirmed. 

In addition to Mazzucato’s views being contrary to Church teaching, her appointment also contradicts the PAV’s own statutes. While the statutes say that members can be of any religion, new Academicians need to “commit themselves to promoting and defending the principles regarding the value of life and the dignity of the human person, interpreted in a way consonant with the Church’s Magisterium.”   

The PAV has given rise to several scandals under the leadership of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who was appointed as the head of the institution by Pope Francis in 2016. 

The PAV has recently published a book supporting contraception, wrongly claiming that the Church’s teaching on the matter could change. In addition to Mazzucato, the PAV has appointed other pro-abortion and pro-contraception individuals recently. According to statements by the PAV, these individuals were personally nominated by Pope Francis. 

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