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ROME, Italy, January 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis preached to his weekly public audience against idolatry, using a woman he knew in Argentina who had an abortion to preserve her figure to underline his message.

“It’s terrible, it hurts the soul what I heard one time years ago in the diocese of Buenos Aires: a woman, a good woman, very, very beautiful and who bragged about her beauty, commented as if it were natural: ‘Yeah, I had to have an abortion because my figure is so important,’” he said.

People need “to hope in the future, to believe in life,” he said, but they must  hope in “what can actually help in living and giving meaning to our existence,” not things like beauty, wealth, power, and success “with their illusion of eternity and omnipotence.”

Faith means hoping in God, but when life becomes hard, Pope Francis warned, “Man experiences the fragility of that trust and feels the need of various certainties, tangible, concrete securities.” These, though they seem to “fill the emptiness of solitude and alleviate the fatigue of believing,” in the end prove empty and deceitful, whereas God offers comfort and true guidance.

The false gods that led the woman to get an abortion, “they take you on the wrong path and they don’t bring you happiness.” Francis said, “Having an abortion to keep your figure is a big problem.”