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Pope Francis waves at admirers as he arrives at Commonwealth Stadium to give an open-air mass on July 26, 2022 in Edmonton, Canada. Cole Burston/Getty Images

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(LifeSiteNews) — In conversation with Canadian Jesuits during his recent journey to Canada, Pope Francis attacked “traditionalism” as the “dead life of our believers” that must be moved past, adding that synodality is an intrinsic part of the Catholic Church.

On the last day of his visit to Canada, July 29, Pope Francis sat down with fellow Jesuits in Quebec City to discuss a wide range of topics. The transcript of their conversation was recorded by Father Antonio Spadaro, S.J., editor of Jesuit-run La Civiltà Cattolica, and published in Italian and English.

Synodality is the Church, Francis says

Responding to a question about his “synodal vision of the Church,” Pope Francis rejected the concept that “synodal” was a way to describe the Church, attesting that the two words were equivalent. “Look, it bothers me that the adjective ‘synodal’ is used as if it were the latest quick fix for the Church,” he said. 

When one says “synodal Church” the expression is redundant: the Church is either synodal or it is not Church. That is why we have come to a synod on synodality, to reiterate this. 

Praising the “Church of the East” for having “preserved” its “synodal tradition,” and criticizing the “Church in the West” for having lost it, Francis said that a synod is not a “parliamentary meeting nor a committee.”

Instead, he said it is “the expression of the Church where the protagonist is the Holy Spirit. If there is no Holy Spirit there is no synod.”

In the wake of Paul VI’s establishment of the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, “synod after synod has gone ahead, tentatively, improving, understanding better, maturing,” Francis said.

The Church is currently in the midst of the Synod on Synodality, called by Francis, running from 2021 through 2023. As part of the “listening” process to understand “how God is calling us to be as the Church in the third millennium,” Francis ordered that the Church must listen to “people who have left the practice of the faith, people of other faith traditions, people of no religious belief, etc.”

Liturgical scholar and Thomist Dr. Peter Kwasniewski previously warned LifeSiteNews about the dangers in the modern understanding of synodality, declaring that “we see a continual submersion in bureaucracy, a surrender to the modern mentality of administration as the cure for all evils, which keeps the Church busy gazing at its navel while real evangelization withers and the pews empty out.”

Traditionalism is the ‘dead memory’ of individuals in the Church

In a theme that has become all too familiar, Pope Francis also turned against “traditionalists” and “traditionalism” while speaking to the assembled clergy.

Noting how slavery was once permitted and is not outlawed, Francis commented that “the moral life is progressing along the same line.”

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LifeSite's Rome correspondent, Louis Knuffke, delivers four other LifePetitions to the Vatican:


UPDATE (8/2/22): Cardinal Cupich has regretfully banned the Institute of Christ the King from offering the Traditional Latin Masses or hearing Confessions at their parish in Chicago. 

An official sign from the Institute was posted at the Shrine of Christ the King, saying: “As of August 1, the celebration of public Masses is suspended. Confession times are discontinued. The Chapel remains open for prayer.”

See LifeSiteNews' special report here


Sources have leaked to LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Cupich seems ready to completely ban a community of Traditional priests from offering the Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Chicago!

July 31st appears to be the deadline for priests belonging to the Institute of Christ the King to close down all public Latin Masses — which would end their ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago full stop.

This outrageous persecution against faithful Catholics is an affront to 2,000 years of Tradition and is the rallying cry for today's saints: We need brave and devout Catholics across the world to demand Cardinal Cupich respect the holy priests of the Institute of Christ the King and SAVE the Traditional Latin Mass! 


The Institute of Christ the King has attracted national attention for its beautiful, reverent, and profound celebration of the TLM — all of which looks set to end in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! 

There are currently 18 ICKSP apostolates dotting more than 10 states in America — serving 400-500 faithful Catholics just in the city of Chicago with 3 Latin Masses every Sunday. With this rumored attack, Cupich — who also serves in high-profile Vatican positions — is sending a sign to all traditionalist priests worldwide.

This robust Catholic community is truly a jewel of Catholic Tradition — making it odd that the ICKSP might be the subject of censorship!

As LifeSiteNews continued reporting...  

"Cardinal Cupich, a close collaborator of Pope Francis and a promoter of the liberal agenda within the Church, has already issued restrictions regarding the traditional Latin rite within his diocese at the end of last year."

*** Catholics must defend and promote the Traditional Latin Mass before the potential July 31st deadline! ***

It’s important now more than ever to send a message to Cardinal Cupich that the Institute of Christ the King must continue its ministry of offering the TLM without fear of retaliation or hostility.  


The crackdown is expected to take effect at the end of July, when the Institute of Christ the King will be expected to celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass — in opposition to their vocational calling to protect the TLM. 

This mandate is by design, but the ICKSP is currently holding strong. Catholics all across the world must tell the faithful priests of the ICKSP that we are praying for them and raising our voices! 


Thank you for committing yourself to the frontline fight defending Catholicism from the onslaught of the Cardinal Cupich’s modernist movement. It is moments like these that Catholics from all over the world show their true colors. Stand for TRADITION. Defend the Institute of Christ the King! Send a message to Cardinal Blase Cupich! 


Return to Tradition also features the LifeSiteNews article mentioned throughout this petition.

Thank you for signing this petition and sending a message to Cardinal Cupich before the end of the month deadline.

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He defended a “respect for tradition” but only as long as it was “the authentic one.”

Attacking a description of tradition as being “the living memory of believers,” Francis declared that “traditionalism instead is the dead life of our believers.” 

Tradition is the life of those who have gone before us and who go on. Traditionalism is their dead memory. From root to fruit, in short, that is the way. We must take the origin as a reference, not a particular historical experience taken as a perpetual model, as if we had to stop there. “Yesterday it was done like this” becomes “it always has been done like this.” But this is a paganism of thought!

While on his return flight to Rome, Francis reiterated this and advocated for “development” in the Church’s morality, specifically with regard to contraception.

However, theologian and exorcist Father Chad Ripperger has outlined five principles to distinguish between novelty and tradition, noting first that “if there is any contradiction between what the tradition has always held and the new teaching, the teaching is a novelty and is to be rejected.” 

Any “development of teaching is possible only when it is homogenous,” wrote Ripperger, meaning that a substantial shift or radical new presentation of the faith would be against the truths contained in the Deposit of Faith.

‘Intoxication’ with old liturgy

Following on from his attack on tradition, Francis warned one Jesuit who questioned him about what he described as “conflict” over the liturgy.

“When there is conflict the liturgy is always mistreated,” he said. 

He referenced a move in Latin America away from liturgical innovations after Vatican II, desiring this as a “backward-looking [indietrista] intoxication with the old.” 

“A division was established in the Church,” he said.

Alluding to his wide-reaching restrictions on the traditional Mass in Traditionis Custodes, Francis stated that the “most recent verification made it clear that there was a need to regulate the practice [of the Latin Mass], and above all to avoid it becoming a matter, let us say, of ‘fashion’ and remaining instead a pastoral question.”

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