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VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis has once again strongly pushed for people to take the abortion-tainted COVID-19 injections, calling health care and vaccination “a moral obligation,” both for personal health and the health of others, while continuing to ignore moral concerns.

In his annual address to the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis touched on a wide-range of topics, including a delivery of “some of his strongest words yet” in promoting the abortion-linked COVID injections. 

The 85-year-old pontiff called for “personal, political, and international” responses to global health, saying it is “therefore important to continue the effort to immunize the general population as much as possible.” 

“Each of us has a responsibility to care for ourself and our health, and this translates into respect for the health of those around us,” stated Francis. “Health care is a moral obligation.” 

Decrying the “world of strong ideological divides,” the Pope attacked what he described as “baseless information or poorly documented facts” pertaining to COVID-19.

“Every ideological statement severs the bond of human reason with the objective reality of things,” he continued, saying that COVID-19 has indicated the need for a “reality therapy” which would combat such “baseless information.”

Doubling down on the need for injections, Pope Francis added that while “vaccines are not a magical means of healing, yet surely they represent, in addition to other treatments that need to be developed, the most reasonable solution for the prevention of the disease.”

The Pope also re-issued one of his regular calls for globalized response to the health situation, urging “all states, [which] are working to establish an international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response under the aegis of the World Health Organization, to adopt a policy of generous sharing as a key principle to guarantee everyone access to diagnostic tools, vaccines and drugs.” 

“Likewise, it is appropriate that institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization adapt their legal instruments lest monopolistic rules constitute further obstacles to production and to an organized and consistent access to healthcare on a global level,” he added.

In response, U.K. author Deacon Nick Donnelly criticized the Pope’s comments for “rid[ing] roughshod over Catholic morality.”

Over the past 12 months, the pontiff has ramped up both his strength of language in promoting the abortion-tainted injections, as well as the frequency of such Big Pharma promotion. 

In January 2021, he said that “ethically, everyone should take the vaccine,” describing objection to the injection as “a suicidal denial that I wouldn’t know how to explain.”

Pope Francis joined Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in taking the COVID shots in January 2021, as the Vatican began its own roll-out of the injections. 

In August of last year, the Pope then joined a number of cardinals in issuing a public service announcement video, saying the shots bring “hope” of an end to the pandemic and called receiving the vaccine “an act of love.”

But in a paper released on December 12, 2020, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, along with co-signers Cardinal Janis Pujats, Bishop Joseph Strickland, and Archbishops Tomash Peta and Jan Pawel Lenga, expressed their strong conviction that any use of a vaccine tainted with the “unspeakable crime” of abortion, under any circumstances, “cannot be acceptable for Catholics.”

Then in January 2021, following Pope Francis’ first public endorsement of the COVID-19 injection, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote:

In all of [his] metamorphoses, what has always emerged, alongside his capacity to totally remove himself from his institutional role, is the polyhedric character of the Argentine, who, we now discover, is also the promoter of pharmaceutical companies, a convinced supporter of vaccines and a zealous cheerleader of those who for a year now have been using COVID as a means to control the masses and to impose the Great Reset desired by the World Economic Forum.

“Catholics, illuminated by the sensus fidei that instinctively suggests to them what clashes with Faith and Morals, have already understood that the role of healthcare supply salesman is only one of the many parts played by the polyhedric Bergoglio,” closed Viganò.