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Pope Francis in the wheelchair, May 5, 2022Vatican News

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — According to a Lebanese government official, Pope Francis will not visit Lebanon in June due to “health reasons.”

The French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Lebanese tourism minister Walid Nassar announced Monday that Pope Francis decided to postpone his June visit to Lebanon.

Pope Francis was scheduled to visit Lebanon on June 12-13. However, Nassar revealed in a statement that “Lebanon has received a letter from the Vatican officially informing it of the decision to postpone the Pope’s planned visit to Lebanon.”

Earlier this month, Pope Francis was seen for the first time in a wheelchair after a medical procedure on an injured knee.

On May 3, the Pope underwent a medical intervention for a torn ligament, which has been causing pain in his right knee and leg. The Holy Father said on April 30 that his doctor ordered him not to walk.

Pope Francis’ physical condition has visibly declined in recent months, resulting in his daily schedule being cleared on short notice in the past few weeks.

In addition to having planned a visit to Lebanon, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the Congo and  South Sudan in early July, possibly Canada in late July, and attend an inter-religious meeting in  Kazakhstan in September.