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VATICAN CITY, Feb 15 (LifeSiteNews) – In an address to the Pontifical Academy for Life yesterday,  John Paul II spoke on life issues urging “that all people of good will feel called to activity in support of this great cause.” The pope also called on the Church to exert more effort in regards to the promotion of life. “In the last five years many initiatives have been promoted in dioceses and parishes, yet much remains to be done,” he said. “True pastoral care of life cannot simply be delegated to specific movements.” “Facts exist,” he said, “that prove with growing clarity that anti-life policies and legislation are causing the decay of society, not only in a moral sense but also demographically and economically.” He called for “a renewed and unanimous commitment,  especially from legislators, to modify unjust laws that legitimize or tolerate this violence.”  Of anti-life legislation and its supposed inevitability he said, “it constitutes the seed of the corruption of society and of its foundations. Civil and moral conscience cannot accept this false inevitability, just as it cannot accept the idea of the inevitable nature of war or inter-ethnic slaughter.” “May no path be left untried to eliminate legalized crime, or at least to limit the damage of such legislation.”

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