VATICAN, June 3, 2003 ( – Pope John Paul today received 28 Latin Rite prelates of India, and urged them to fight the culture of death. The Pope warned that challenges brought by “globalization” include “attempts to impose upon Asian society morally unacceptable types of family planning and reproductive health measures.”“Brother Bishops, I encourage you to remain vigilant in your efforts to preach fearlessly the consistent teaching of the Church regarding the inviolable right to life of every innocent human being. Concerted efforts to curb the culture of death necessitate the involvement of the entire Catholic community. Accordingly, any strategy in this regard must include individuals, families, movements and associations committed to building a society in which the dignity of each person is recognized and protected and the lives of all are defended and enhanced,” said the Pope.  The Pope blamed “an incorrect understanding of the moral law” for leading “many people to justify immoral sexual activity under the guise of freedom, which in turn has resulted in a commonplace acceptance of the contraceptive mentality.”  He continued, “The consequences of such irresponsible activity not only threaten the institution of the family but also contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS, which is reaching epidemic proportions in parts of your country.”  See the full address of the Pope at: