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(LifeSiteNews) — A member of an immensely popular YouTube channel is receiving backlash from conservatives for his recent decision to pursue a “gender transition,” with many pointing out how his actions are a cruel betrayal of his wife and son.

Chris Tyson is a young man who has gained popularity as one of the sidekicks of Jimmy Donaldson — also known as MrBeast — who is one of the most popular YouTubers. The videos featuring the longtime friends are largely showcasing expensive stunts and have always been family friendly. The channel’s creator also founded a nonprofit organization that seeks to “raise funds to alleviate hunger, homelessness, and unemployment.”

Tyson, who married his girlfriend in 2018 and had a son in 2020, recently confirmed that he is taking cross-sex hormones in an effort to “medically transition” to the opposite sex. On April 5, Tyson posted on Twitter that “informed consent HRT [hormone replacement therapy] saved my and many others’ lives. The hurdles gnc [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me.”

Another post from November 2020 shows that the YouTuber’s confusion began that year, as he informed the public that he is “bisexual.”

In response to the tragic confusion of a young husband and father, prominent conservatives are not letting him off the hook easily. Greg Price, communications director at the State Freedom Caucus Network, criticized Tyson’s actions on Twitter, saying, “He had a beautiful wife and beautiful baby and decided he’d rather turn himself into a gross hot topic trans chick.” He also added his opinion that there was “no way this happened naturally.”

Responding to a critical comment, Price added that “he made a commitment to a woman to be her husband and then had a child with her. She is now out of a husband [and] his child is forced to grow up in an absolute unfair situation.”

Catholic commentator Taylor Marshall also responded to the situation, stating that he “suspect[s] that Chris Tyson from Mr. Beast is possessed by a demon.”

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, another Catholic, said that “Tyson is forcing this onto people who are close to him,” including his friend Jimmy (MrBeast) whose once family-friendly YouTube channel is now featuring the LGBT agenda, along with his wife and son. Walsh cited a photo Tyson posted “of his young son in high heels, with the caption ‘Tucker chose to slay this morning,’” predicting that the boy will one day fall into gender confusion because of his father’s actions.

“Chris Tyson has destroyed his marriage, abandoned his child to a broken home, created huge problems for his friend and business partner … and he has done all of this just so that he could live out his fantasies in public.”

Daily Wire host and co-founder Ben Shapiro also chimed in on the debate, saying that “the magnificent narcissism of modern society is that we decide that the personal life decisions that make us feel better in the cockles of our heart, these are the things that really matter in life.”

“When you’re telling yourself a lie that you’re a member of the opposite sex, and meanwhile, you’re destroying, presumably, your relationship with your wife, and also completely confusing your own child, that, actually, is a bad thing to do.”

Shapiro added that such behavior is “selfish,” regardless of who is acting in such a way.

Tyson’s TikTok and Twitter accounts indicate that he is still involved in his child’s life, although no mention is made of the boy’s mother.

The YouTuber’s Snapchat story apparently showcases his “transition.” In the photo on his profile, Tyson is dressed femininely, with his hair grown down to his shoulders. A handful of recent clips points completely to his new lifestyle as he appears to address followers’ questions about his gender confusion.

One clip in response to a question about why he decided to “transition” reads, “[There] was a point where I knew I wanted to transition a few years ago but I was too scared. I got super depressed feeling trapped in the wrong body. I didn’t want to keep living my life a lie, my mental health suffer, and to let other people influence my life.”

Another follower wondered what his son would call him now, to which Tyson replied, “Tucker is allowed to call me anything he wants. Even my first name. I genuinely don’t care what he calls me.”

He replied to the question, “what happened to your wife and kid” with an anecdote about Tucker falling and “busting his lip,” with no mention of his wife or his current relationship with them. A Twitter post from March reveals that the couple separated over a year ago. Tyson added that “this is the only time I want to discuss it.”


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