OTTAWA, Nov 19 (LSN) – A UN-sponsored population conference held in Ottawa this week gave Canadians an open view of the extremist pro-abortion agenda of such conferences. At the Fifth Canadian Conference on International Health, participants discussed deceptive techniques used to promote abortion and openly demonstrated the antagonism such groups show towards pro-lifers.  “Partnerships in Health: A Work In Progress,” was sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Pan-American Health Organization, and three departments of the Canadian government.  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reported that participants discussed how better to infiltrate pro-abortion ideals into Catholic and Muslim countries. “Reproductive health” was a primary focus of the conference. One speaker noted frustration with pro-lifers and expressed the collective wish to exclude us from all deliberations. “If we could help it,  we would not include pro-lifers,” said Dr. Pilar Ramos-Jimenez.