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FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, June 5, 2003 ( – In its June 4 Weekly Briefing, the Population Research Institute warns that UNFPA supporters are attempting to gut the 1985 U.S. law which forbids U.S. funds from going to any organization or country that participates in a program of forced abortion or sterilization.  Recent PRI investigations in China have revealed that the gruesome forced abortion policy is still being enforced in the Communist country.

PRI reports, “One former Chinese official, now residing in the U.S., said that at provincial hospitals, pre-born babies are often delivered alive then killed. The policy is “for the nurse to take the baby as soon as the baby came out, alive or dead, and place her hand over the baby’s mouth. [t]hen. place the baby into a garbage can filled with water, to drown the baby.”

Also, says PRI’s Steve Mosher, “According to another Chinese doctor, China’s health bureaucracy regularly “slaughters infants” while carrying out the one-child policy.  According to this witness, the babies of one-child policy victims are also delivered alive, then “taken back from the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital. When the infant is born, the nurse will take it away right away, and won’t let its mother see it and know if it’s living or dead.”  More is revealed about callous harvesting of organs on demand from born babies who are immediately killed when organs or cells for experimentation purpose are requested.

PRI and its local Chinese witnesses insist that, despite the usual government denials, these atrocities are “part and parcel of national policy. All hospitals and abortion facilities in China are subject to what one witness termed ‘the same national program involving coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization today without change.’”

UNFPA claims that its “model family planning counties” are free of such abuses, says Mosher,  but the evidence is that the UN organization is once again engaging in information manipulation in order to protect its star population control nation. A Senior Chinese health official told PRI that the Coercive regulation are enforced throughout the nation which would indicate that UNFPA is not telling the truth, as it rarely does anyway.

The population watchdog organization concludes, “The U.S. should not fund groups that are working hand-in-glove with China’s population control machine.  This is why the effort to gut Kemp-Kasten should be turned back”.