LISBON, August 25, 2004 ( – As the abortion propaganda machine Women on Waves Foundation prepares to target its third pro-life majority country, the Portuguese defense ministry is scrutinizing its every step.  Women on Waves was told last week by the Dutch health ministry that they were only authorized to perform chemical abortions within 25 km of Amsterdam’s Slotervaartziekenhuis hospital. Despite the ruling, a boat sailed for Portugal this Monday. Women on Waves does not attempt to perform surgical abortions.  A Portuguese defense ministry source was quoted by national news agency Lusa as saying that the ministry “has been following since the first minutes the alleged intention of the so-called abortion boat to pass through Portuguese waters and dock at a national port”.  Portugal will act swiftly if it feels that international laws or its own sovereignty are being flouted. Portuguese law forbids abortion in most cases; the abortion boat will presumably sidestep the prohibition by taking women to international waters – 12 miles offshore – and perform chemical abortions there.  Read articles No Abortions in International Waters for Dutch Abortion Boat, Court Rules   jmo