LONDON, Ontario, June 25, 2003 ( – LifeSite has received information indicating that London area abortionist Dr. Fraser Fellows may possibly have contracted the deadly SARS virus.  Numerous women have contacted local crisis pregnancy centers complaining that abortions were cancelled due to Dr. Fellows going on sick leave, with at least one patient saying because he had SARS.  Moreover, some abortion clinics in the Toronto region are, by their own admission, not following SARS precautions as directed by the Ontario Ministry of Health.  A mother whose daughter was 18 weeks pregnant called a source on June 16 to request an abortion saying that her daughter’s scheduled abortion had been cancelled because Dr. Fellows has SARS and will not be able to do any abortions for at least a month. A LifeSite informant contacted Dr. Fellows’ office for an appointment and was told that no appointments would be booked until mid July “at the earliest” since Dr. Fellows was on a “medical leave.”  On June 17, Middlesex – London Health Unit was alerted to the possibility that Dr. Fellows may have SARS but “Joanne” at the Health Unit responded “there is no reported case of SARS in London.”  The Health Unit worker also noted that SARS is a disease that is reportable by law and Dr. Fellows is a physician who would be responsible for all his patients and he would report it if he were sick with SARS.  In a June 18 survey of five Toronto area abortion centers, a LifeSite informant was told by certain abortuaries that little or no precautions were being taken.  A staffer at the Abortion Care Clinic in Toronto said there were no precautions being taken, no masks, gloves or temperature taking. The Scott Clinic in Toronto said they were taking full precautions, however, they also noted that they were not wearing masks.  Other abortion centers claimed they were taking full precautions.  The abortion centers are flouting directives from the Ontario Ministry of Health.  Ontario Ministry of Health Media Relations coordinator John Letherby told LifeSite today that “Women’s health centers would have been included in all of our directives sent out to ‘health care providers’ so they would have been made fully aware of what the expectations were ie. double gowning, double masking, double gloves.”  Anyone with more information is urged to contact LifeSite at 1-866-787-9947 or email [email protected]   See CHATELAINE’S “DR. G” REVEALED BY THE INTERIM